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Workshop & Activity
  • Sept 2
    "Kanpai, Japan!" Symphony Concert
    Fresh on the heels of a Cultural Tango with Hong Kong, the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra is back for an...
  • Sept 3
    Hear Them Out
    Guitarist and vocalist Sheng Xiang Lin is well known throughout Asia and overseas for his work with various social...
  • Sept 2-4
    International Pan-Asian Culinary Invitational
    International Pan-Asian Culinary Invitational is back to take on Vancouver's culinary world! With vast varieties of Japanese, Chinese and...
  • TAIWANfest - Who AM I
    Sept 2-4
    Who Am I?!
    Identity is the culmination of an entire lifetime’s worth of experiences. This is a self-evident truth for a group...
  • Sept 2-4
    Spintop Kids
    Throughout the world baroque-era architecture has been closely associated with European colonialism, and Taiwan is no stranger to either....
  • Sept 2-4
    The Kitchen of Sweetness
    What would be the flavour of a blooming flower if it tasted as good as it looked? Should a...
  • TAIWANfest - Superhero On Paper
    Sept 2-4
    The Paper Play – Superhero On Paper
    To call seventeen-year-old Ning Hsieh a fan of paper craft would be a serious understatement. Combining his love for...
  • TAIWANfest - Japanese Fan
    Sept 2-4
    The Paper Play – Art of the Japanese Fan
    Among the most symbolic of Japanese art forms is the hand fan; strips of hinoki (Japanese cypress) connected by...
  • TAIWANfest - A Forgotten Media
    Sept 2-4
    The Paper Play – A Forgotten Media
    In today’s age of big data and ad-blockers many of yesterday’s media are forgotten. Yet the era of paper-based...
  • TAIWANfest - Piano Sensation
    Sept 3
    Hope Talk - Twelve-year-old Piano Sensation Hao Wei Lin
    Like many arts, Western classical music was introduced to Taiwan during the period of Japanese colonization in Taiwan, with...
  • TAIWANfest - Forgotten Legends
    Sept 3
    Hope Talk - Forgotten Legends: Bunya Koh
    The heartbreaking tale of Bunya Koh is the story of a young musician and composer, a rising star in...
  • TAIWANfest Hope Talk - Shadows of the Crimson Sun
    Sept 4
    Hope Talk - Shadows of the Crimson Sun
    Born in Taiwan under Japanese occupation. Raised in Manchukuo under Japanese control Retrocession of Taiwan. Received Canadian...
  • TAIWANfest Exhibition - The Paper Play Chigiri-e
    Sept 2-4
    The Paper Play - Chigiri-e
    Chigiri-e is a Japanese art form primarily based on the use of torn Washi paper to create colourful images...
  • TAIWANfest Exhibition Fashion Snap
    Sept 2-4
    Fashion Snap
    How aware are you of your surroundings? Takumi Morohashi is the creative mind behind Fashion Snap. Taking photo-bombing to...
  • TAIWANfest Workshop Love Binti
    Sept 2-4
    Love, Binti
    Having collected 900 kg of shoes to donate to Kenya during the Vancouver festival in 2016, TAIWANfest partners once...
  • TAIWANfest Film The Walkers
    Sept 3
    Cinematic Taiwan: The Walkers
    The product of ten years of filming, “The Walkers” documents the life and story of Madam Lin, Founder and...
  • TAIWANfest Exhibition - Hakka Under Japan
    Sept 2-4
    The Hakka Under Japan
    The Hakka people in Taiwan have a long history, tracing back to the Qing dynasty and their descent from...
  • Sept 2
    Extreme Diabolo
    With miraculous skill honed by years of training, Arthur Chi is a diabolo artist without limits. Combining his deep...
  • Sept 2-4
    The Paper Play
    “Creative Origami is nothing more than judicious imitation.” So claims Origami Kaikan, paper craft museum and store in Tokyo,...
  • TAIWANfest - Let There Be Light
    Sept 3
    Let There Be Light
    "Let There Be Light" is a documentary of true stories reflected and recorded by international volunteers servicing in different...
  • TAIWANfest Film Festival
    Sept 2
    [Let There Be Light] Film Festival
    All short films showcased were produced by aspiring Asian filmmakers from Vancouver. Ranging from the ages of 12 to...
  • TAIWANfest Exhibition - The Paper Play Origami Tulip Garden
    Sept 2-4
    The Paper Play - Origami Tulip Garden
    Decorated seas of red, yellow, purple, and so much more! Tulip gardens are joyfully diverse grasslands brimming with a...
  • TAIWANfest Community Sakura Singers
    Sept 4
    The Sakura Singers
    The Sakura Singers was formed in 1970 as a mixed choral group under the auspices of the JCCA (Japanese...
  • TAIWANfest - Vancouver Okinawa
    Sept 4
    Vancouver Okinawa Taiko
    Vancouver Okinawa Taiko, formerly known as Yuaikai Ryukyu Taiko, is an Okinawan taiko dance group that was formed in...
  • TAIWANfest Performance - Dharma Drum Mountain
    Sept 3
    Dharma Drum Mountain - Vancouver Drum Ensemble
    The Drum Ensemble of DDM (Dharma Drum Mountain) Vancouver Center is composed of a group of drumming enthusiasts who...
  • TAIWANfest Performance - Satsuki Kai
    Sept 4
    Satsuki Kai
    The Satsuki kai was formed in May 2011 by Nishikawa Kayo of the Nishikawa School of Japanese classical dance...
  • TAIWANfest Performance - Terra Kendama
    Sept 2-4
    Terra Kendama
    Terra Kendama, also known as moon sun ball, was once a popular Japanese household sport. The cross shaped handle...
  • TAIWANfest Performance - Tetsu Taiko
    Sept 2
    Tetsu Taiko
    Tetsu Taiko is the first organized taiko group in Richmond and the second youth taiko group in the Lower...
  • TAIWANfest Performance - Aikido Vancouver
    Sept 4
    Aikido - The Way of Harmonizing Energy
    Aikido is a Japanese martial art that was founded by Master Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969). In Aikido, the keen edge...
  • TAIWANfest Hope Talk - Tales from Yangmingshan
    Sept 4
    Hope Talk - Tales from Yangmingshan
    Louisa is a fourth year Geography major and Biology minor student at the University of British Columbia. She enjoys...
  • TAIWANfest Performance MJE
    Sept 3
    Max Chang, Jimmy Hsu, and Eric Chen are three very talented, young Taiwanese singer-songwriters based in Vancouver. They are...
  • TAIWANfest Performance - Nakasi
    Sept 2
    Nakasi is an essential traditional form of popular music in Taiwan and Japan, most typically associated with elements of...
  • TAIWANfest Performance - CLF Tai Chi
    Sept 4
    CLF Tai Chi
    Founded by Sifu Paul Tam in Richmond, BC, the CLF Kung Fu Club is dedicated to upholding traditions and...
  • TAIWANfest Performance - Sounds Global Ensemble
    Sept 2
    Sounds Global Ensemble
    An ensemble that sounds the way Vancouver looks, the Sounds Global Ensemble's diverse repertoire is drawn from Jewish, Persian,...
  • TAIWANfest Activity Rooster Winter Game
    Sept 2-4
    Rooster Winter Games
    2017 Lunarfest is now at TAIWANfest! The Year of the Rooster in the lunar calendar is a year for...
  • TAIWANfest Culinary Celebrity Chef vs Home Chef
    Sept 4
    Celebrity Chef vs Home Chef
    In a culinary battle between celebrity and home chefs, what kind of sparks will fly? Who will create the...
  • TAIWANfest Hope Talk The End as Well as the Beginning
    Sept 3
    Hope Talk - The End as Well as the Beginning
    For Louise Lee's children, wherever she resides will always be "home." As a writer, keeping a curious heart allows...
  • TAIWANfest Time Capsule
    Sept 2-4
    TAIWANfest Time Capsule
    As a summer staple event in downtown Vancouver for over 10 years, TAIWANfest sure has collected a lot of...
  • TAIWANfest Culinary Friendship Picnic
    Sept 2-4
    Friendship Picnic
    Visitors flock to festivals and events to experience something out of the ordinary. Do you have the courage to...
  • TAIWANfest Community Tian Jin Living Zone
    Sept 2-4
    Tian-Jin Living Zone
    Tian-Jin Temple Chinese Taoism Kuan-Kung Association will be bringing various performances and exhibitions through through the Tian-Jin Living Zone,...
  • TAIWANfest Performance CRAS
    Sept 3
    CRAS is a pop punk band based in Vancouver. Representing Asians in the underground music scene, CRAS plays original...
  • TAIWANfest Exhibition - Delicate Play with Nature
    Sept 2-3
    Delicate Play with Nature
    Ikebana is the art of floral arrangement using fresh flowers and branches to showcase the beauty of Mother Nature....
  • TAIWANfest Exhibition - Aroma Shima
    Sept 2-4
    Aroma Shima
    What kind of chemical reactions will be catalyzed when the Formosan fragrance meets the Japanese style? Two islands across...
  • TAIWANfest Workshop HarbourKIDS Crafts
    Sept 2-4
    TAIWANfest Craft Stage
    There’s never been such an abundance of crafts for families at TAIWANfest! Drop by for any of our scheduled sessions...
  • TAIWANfest Workshop Paper Play Origami
    Sept 2-4
    Paper Play - Origami
    The exquisite art of origami has long been iconic to Japanese culture. The creative folding of paper does not...
  • TAIWANfest Workshop Paint by Numbers
    Sept 2-4
    Numbers Salon
    Paint by Numbers is back by popular demand! These beautiful scenes look straight from the brush of a talented,...
  • TAIWANfest Performance The Little Dancer
    Sept 2
    The Little Dancer
    Despite his youth, 8 year old Anthony is already a winner of multiple dance competitions. He began dancing at...
  • TAIWANfest Performance Yoka Hanayagi
    Sept 3
    Yoka Hanayagi

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